Zero Modular Housing - SWOT

Solar-powered housing at a LOWER cost than traditional construction. Streamlined design, lean manufacturing, and a unique mechanical system reduce home construction costs by 30%. We are ready to scale into a high-volume, high-margin market.

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  • Currency:INR
  • The Deal:Equity
  • Strengths:Modular design: customizable length allows for easy and architecturally appealing integration into the roof and facade. Low weight ensures trouble-free handling during transport and installation. Collector roof or facade installation without the requirement for an HVAC specialist; rather, can be set up by any skilled building envelope installer. Cost reduction thanks to methods for processing polymer materials, installation of non-pressurized collector, and implementation of simple drainback solar loop design. Environmentally friendly owing to the use of water as the heat transfer fluid.
  • Weaknesses:Non-pressurized collector and solar loops have yet to be very common and are met with skepticism by the heating industry. Non-pressurized collectors are not directly compatible with conventional solar system components. Drainback collector loop design in high-rise buildings requires a solar pump with significantly higher electricity consumption compared to conventional solar thermal systems.
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  • Opportunities:Successful integration examples could inspire architects and decision-makers to adopt the solution. European directives and global agreements on lowering carbon emissions in the construction sector are fertile ground for cost-effective RES solutions.
  • Threats:Skepticism or little knowledge regarding high-performance polymers might hinder market adoption. National or regional building regulations prevent the integration of certain polymer materials into the building envelope. Competing technologies become increasingly cost-competitive.

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