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My Gurukul is India’s most affordable live learning app. The My Gurukul app makes learning FUN & INTERACTIVE for school students with 1 to 1 classes and programs. We have developed our own lessons in line with the CBSE Curriculum.

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  • Currency:INR
  • What is the total investment that you have made?: 100000 to 500000
  • What is the total investment that you need?: 1000000 to 5000000
  • The Deal:Loan
  • Strengths:'My Gurukul' uses innovative technology, such as artificial intelligence or gamification, to enhance the learning experience. We have a strong team with expertise in education, technology, and business management. The app offers unique content or a unique approach to teaching and learning that sets it apart from other learning apps.
  • Weaknesses:As a new business, 'My Gurukul' does not have established brand recognition, which can make it difficult to attract users. As a new business, 'My Gurukul' has limited resources, such as funding or staff, which limits its ability to compete with established players. Currently, the app has a limited user base, which makes it difficult to generate sufficient revenue.
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  • Opportunities:Growth in demand for online education: The demand for online education is increasing, providing opportunities for 'My Gurukul' to attract users and grow its business. The business is likely to build strong partnerships with educators, content creators, or other organizations that can help it to succeed. New markets: 'My Gurukul' may have the opportunity to expand into new markets, either domestically or internationally.
  • Threats:Competition: The learning app market is competitive, and 'My Gurukul' may face competition from established players. Changes in consumer preferences: Consumer preferences may change, leading to a shift in demand for certain types of content or teaching methods. Changes in regulations: Changes in regulations related to online education, such as accreditation requirements or privacy laws, can pose a threat to 'My Gurukul'.

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