Level Up Gaming - SWOT

Level Up Gaming; Provides a venue for gamers to build an inclusive community; Services include hourly rental of high-end PCs or consoles, rental of streaming booths, competitive tournaments, or venue for gatherings; Located in Surat.

Additional Details

  • Currency:INR
  • The Deal:Loan
  • Strengths:We are entering a quickly growing and highly desired Market. First in this market for our state. Absolutely no competition. Located in a major city and very accessible to a main road and bus routes. Building a hub for major gaming communities. Unique concept (not many other themed cafes like ours). Close to the University campus. Close to public transport. Owner-operated (lower operating costs and more control over the business).
  • Weaknesses:Thin customer base as of now. Starting costs would be higher than a normal café (because of buying games and accessories etc.) No built-in brand equity. Limited semester times (people are only at university for around 30 weeks of the year).
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  • Opportunities:The demand for gaming is increasing, providing opportunities for the gaming parlor to attract customers and grow its business. Attract customers from the University and Schools. Appeal to a different target market than other regular cafes. The ability to expand (open other branches in other areas).
  • Threats:The gaming industry is competitive, and the new business may face competition from established players or new entrants.

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